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About us

We are Ulla Schneeweis and Fabian Wittmann. We have been working as visual designers in Vienna for over 20 years. The path from theory to practice was a logical step - so we have been able to produce high-quality products in our print and paper workshop since 2014. Creation inspires production and vice versa.

In 2018 we went to Italy as Artists in Recidence. To Piemont, between Turin and the Ligurian coast. There we fell in love with everyone and everything – and so we are now part of the cultural club "Serafina Quota" and together we have built up a letterpress workshop there.

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“Everyone has a right for good design and sustainable products.”

This attitude drives us every day to produce with passion and love.

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Fotos: Fabian Wittmann / Patrick Tafner / Peter Putz
Video: Michael Stiegler

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